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I am Kenny!

Let’s face it.
Malaysian have a love-hate relationship with insurance.
The reason is simply the lack of

People don’t UNDERSTAND the policy they signed up for.

Or the insurance policy is sold without UNDERSTANDING the customer’s need.

Worse still, both of the above statements are true.

I focus on using simple concepts and tools to help clients
analyze, choose and manage their insurance decisions.

What I Can Do

Income Protection
Income Protection
Mortgage Protection

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My Thoughts

Beware of Diderot Effect

You went to an IKEA showroom to shop for a new bed frame. You saw one that really caught your liking. You bought it and assembled it. Then you only realize it doesn’t look as glorious as what you saw in the showroom. Perhaps the side table that you currently owned doesn’t match it. So…

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Battle of Sexes: Who is Better With Money?

After five years of working in the insurance industry, I have developed this strong feeling that women are generally better with money than men. That said, I have never actually looked into any studies or statistics that indicate so. Since today is International Woman’s Day, I decided to take a deep dive and see if…

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This Is Why Your Medical Insurance Premium Increase Pt. 3

This will be the third of three parts article explaining the increase in medical insurance’s premium. The first part explained the reason why there is a need for the increase. You may read it here. The second part explained how this increase in premium happens. This article will talk about what you should do when…

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